Corryong Cup

Hi all,

just a report on the Corryong Cup and the superb flying that was had by all.  I missed the first few days where the flying got off to a great start with many in goal and 60km tasks. Then we had a day layoff due to a Lightning Strike and some crap weather. I wasnt there but I heard that the bolt hit the tower and scared the shit out of everyone. The hill cleared pretty quickly after that. I had a really good Task 3 day and made it around to TP 3 only to run out of day as it shut down around 6pm. I still got over 3hrs flying in great lift. On Task 4 the course was set for 105km which was to be the longest task of the comp. I took off with Richard Carstairs and James Morgan and we flew over to Tawong but Rich went right and I went left. James was on the Floater task so he headed off on that course. I went for a long glide across the valley and made it  to the foothills that run along behind Tooma (TP 1) I passed Steve Norman on the way there as the day got better and better.  I flew with Adam  for a short time as we got drilled on the down wind side of Pine Mountain. Over the top of the hill we got up in 1200-1500 up and flew to Jinjillic (TP2) where a house thermal had set up. Up to 8500ft then up over Mt Burrowa. I had never flown over this one before and it was worth every second. I bit nerve racking in the middle of 30 KM by 15km range. But all above 6000ft so easy in the end. I got to Cudgewa west at 5000 and topped up for the final glide to Corry airport (12km) losing only a couple of thousand and spending 20 mins getting down! 15 made it into goal and I was last in but it was a cracking day. Flew for around 4.5 hrs. The next day Task 4  (and the last) Richard flew into a powerline and ended up getting airlifted out to Albury. Me and Trev raced down the hill and packed up his somewhat bent glider. He will no doubt be telling that story for quite a while… At the presentation, we had a great slap up meal with money on the bar and lots of laughs. What a comp! I reckon its the best one in Oz. See you all there next year. Check out my track log here for the huge sink and lift around Pine Mt.  cheers Meeks